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15th February 2007

paulafromtwoson8:29pm: SONG DOWNLOAD!


(Rocket-dan yo, Eien ni/TEAM ROCKET FOREVER)
This is a leftover, and I thought I'd share it while I had it.

Get it while it lasts!

26th May 2005

adventures9:53pm: uhhh...oops. *sweatdrop*



15th April 2005

daikenkai8:08pm: <3
Kojiiiiiii-kuuun,where have you gone?


12th March 2005

adventures6:01pm: Meow.
SEX! ♥

8th March 2005

paulafromtwoson2:40pm: This is Yamato here.

A couple of bumbling members have been leaking Rocketto Dan intelligence out to the public.


Team Rocket English Page

7th March 2005

daikenkai4:22pm: ^_^-
Man. I feel so...hawt? Yes,hot. I'm hot. Yes,yes I am. *poses* Damnit Kojiro,you know I am. =3

...why aren't Kosaburo and Yamato here? I could swear they were still in Roketto Dan. o_o; They should post then. =/ Maybe they're off making hot love. Probably so. *shrugs*

Damnit,I need a pwning icon. Like Kojiro's. T_T Even though the one of us is pretty hot~ But I want one of me. ;-; Coz I'm so gorgeous and I need love. 8D

Current Mood: calm

3rd March 2005

adventures9:36pm: Boo.
Musashi, I see you. :3

My icon is badass, Musashi. :P Aren't I sexy? Yours is just okay, mine makes this journal what it is. :P

Current Mood: anxious

2nd March 2005

daikenkai12:22am: Entry 01
Wow. I've finally managed to get a website looking nice. SCORE! *dances* One for Musashi,NONE for Kojiro.

...that fruit,I love him. X3

Current Mood: ;) Watch out there,Fruity.
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